Respect and What It Looks Like

This blog is an extension of my soon to be published book, RESETTING RESPECT, in which I propose that to respect something or someone is to accord it value.  In the book I argue that, because all things have value, all things should be respected.  But that’s not how this world operates.  Hence we need to reset respect.  We need to move away from the “earn respect” way of living, to respecting everyone and everything until they prove unworthy of that respect.

Seems simple enough.  But changing the mind habit is not automatic and not necessarily easy.  So sharing stories of respect in action, or the lack thereof, provides the best way to begin the reset.  To get the ball rolling, I’m going to post some Respect and What It Looks Like vignettes from encounters in my daily life.  I hope you’ll begin to keep an eye out for similar situations in your life, and then post them to this website.  I’ll repost or edit and post them, with comments, and we can begin the discussion!

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