Well, that was an interesting 4th of July! Most of the recent holiday was pretty normal for me – a quiet, leisurely day, then over to Santa Clara’s Central Park in time to hear Deja Vu, a high school jazz band, entertain picnicking families from all across Silicon Valley who were enjoying a beautiful summer’s day and awaiting the evening fireworks. I chatted with a number of people I hadn’t seen in quite a while, and then, when Deja Vu was done and the next band was preparing to take the stage, I headed over to the parking lot at the adjacent elementary school where several of my friends had been parking cars all day as a fund raiser for the Schools Foundation. I was surprised to find that they had already completely filled the huge, grassy lot and had posted “full” signs at the two entrances. So I kept my friends company while they made sure no cars parked in front of what would become the critical exits as soon as the fireworks were over.  Continue reading


The following is the first “Ways to Respect….” list in my book, Resetting Respect:  The Attitude Adjustment that Just Might Lower Your Stress Level and Save the World!  I include it again here because I believe respecting yourself is critical not only for your own well-being, but also for your ability to respect everyone and everything around you.  

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