I was wandering through Facebook this morning, when I came across a friend’s “share” of a photo that offers some excellent Halloween advice.  It goes like this:

“With Halloween upon us, please keep in mind, a lot of little people will be visiting your home.  Be accepting.  The child who is grabbing more than one piece of candy may have poor fine motor skills.  The child who takes forever to pick out one piece of candy may have motor planning issues.  The child who does not say trick or treat or thank you may be non-verbal.  The child who looks disappointed when they see your bowl might have an allergy.  The child who isn’t wearing a costume at all might have a sensory issue (SPD) or autism.  Be nice.  Be patient.  Its [sic] everyone’s Halloween:)” (http://www.shutupabout.com/)

As I see it, it’s all about respect.  We all need to respect those around us, on Halloween and every day, children and adults alike, for who they are.  And we need to support them as they work with whatever issues or baggage they’re dealing with rather than slamming them for not already being perfect.  We’re all works in progress, just at different stages.