I just saw this wonderful post on Facebook.  This teacher was thoughtful enough to recognize, respect, and go the distance to take care of her students at a very stressful time.  I’m sure she not only helped them through the testing, but helped them realize why they should respect themselves, too!  Kudos!

Oh, have mercy. Look at what a reader’s child came home with in her folder today. You teachers: you handle this insane testing pressure by tapping into deeper and deeper wells of compassion, perseverance,creativity and grace. TEACHERS- WE SEE YOU!!
YES to this letter and YES to the teachers!!!
Parents: Read this to your babies!!

UPDATE!! We’ve just heard from the daughter of warrior teacher Mary Ginley, who wrote the first version of this amazing letter of encouragement back in 1999. THANK YOU TO MARY GINLEY AND TO ALL THE WONDERFUL TEACHERS WHO ARE SHARING THIS MESSAGE!! Love Wins!!

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What a fantastic story!  What a well done video.  And what really beautiful examples of respect in action!

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