Worried about the post-election holidays ahead?


RESETTING RESPECT to the rescue!

Here’s some ‘how-to’ advice for keeping joy in the season and maybe even peace on earth — as well as at home, work, and holiday parties!

LISTEN to others.

REALIZE it’s not really about you personally.

ACCEPT that you may not, probably will not, agree on everything.

ASK questions about their lives.

REFRAIN from name-calling and personal attacks.  It only puts everyone in defense mode.

OFFER advice only when asked.

AVOID CRITICIZING others even when they are being critical.

GIVE THEM TIME to say what they want to say. Don’t interrupt.

APOLOGIZE when you have done or said something hurtful.

BE THERE for them. Show up. Lend an ear, a laugh, a diversion. Be a helper and a healer.

Debora Wohlford Steininger is the author of Resetting Respect:  The Attitude Adjustment That Just Might Lower Your Stress Level and Save the World!  The book contains great stories and lots of PRACTICAL advice, excerpts of which can be viewed at www.resettingrespect.com.

This easy and fun read just may be the perfect holiday guide, stocking stuffer, and New Year’s resolution prompt this year.   Available in paperback and Ebook versions from Amazon Digital Services, Inc.  All December proceeds will be donated by the author to Habitat for Humanity.